Nissan 4.0L Accessory Belt Noise – A Technical Tip from Gates

Under certain operating conditions, some Nissan light trucks and SUVs equipped with the 4.0L VQ40 engine may exhibit belt noise. The noise may be caused by improper belt tension, pulley misalignment or a combination of both. As a result, Gates introduced the 38378K Solution Kit to remedy the tension issue apparent in the OE Nissan tensioner. The OE has also determined that under certain circumstances the power steering pump pulley may be misaligned causing belt squeak in addition to an improperly tensioned belt. Therefore, before starting a repair it is advised to check the alignment of the drive belt pulleys, specifically the power steering pump pulley.

Step 1:

To check for proper power steering pump pulley alignment, first remove the drive belt. Using the Gates DriveAlign laser alignment device (91006), check for correct alignment between the power steering pump pulley and the crankshaft vibration damper. Alternatively a straight edge may be used if an alignment tool is unavailable.

  • If the power steering pump pulley is not in proper alignment, proceed with step 2.
  • If the power steering pump pulley is in proper alignment in relation to the crankshaft, proceed with step 3.

Step 2:

To perform adjustment of the power steering pump:

  • To allow access to the power steering pump mounting bolts, loosen the three bolts securing the heat shield to the right exhaust manifold.


  • Loosen but do not remove the two bolts securing the power steering pump to the front of the engine (Fig. 1).


  • From the right front fender well, loosen but do not remove the two bolts securing the pump to the engine (Fig. 2).


  • Finger tighten the bolts in the following sequence: Front bolts, side bolts.
  •  To ensure the pulley is aligned properly the following sequence and torque values must be adhered to when securing the pump (Fig. 1 and 2):
  1.  Front lower bolt: 48 Ft. Lbs.
  2. Rear side bolt: 48 Ft. Lbs.
  3. Rear front bolt: 48 Ft. Lbs.
  4. Upper front bolt: 23 Ft. Lbs.
  •  Secure the bolts for the right side exhaust manifold heat shield.

Step 3:

Install the new tensioner and accessory drive belt from the Gates Solution Kit 38378K.


Step 4:

Test vehicle operation to ensure the noise is eliminated.

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