Hyundai or Kia Timing Belt Tensioner – A Technical Tip from Gates

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-09-27-45Timing Belt Tensioner Installation and Setup
After performing a thorough analysis of the timing system on these vehicles, Gates Engineers have determined a need to highlight proper installation and setup procedures of the timing belt tensioner. This tensioner is a spring type automatic tensioner with eccentric adjustment for setting the initial tension. Tension in the drive is increased by rotating the eccentric counterclockwise as indicated by the arrow stamped on the tensioner.

OEM instructions state to rotate the eccentric counterclockwise using an Allen wrench until the pointer is centered in the window as illustrated below. The instructions then dictate to torque the mounting bolt to the indicated specification. The specified torque value varies depending on the application, and as a result, one should reference the accompanied table for the proper spec.

The torque procedure is as follows: Turn the mounting bolt clockwise while applying counterclockwise pressure on the tensioner via the eccentric with an Allen wrench.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-09-27-36Once the mounting bolt is torqued, verify correct tension in the drive by turning the engine two complete revolutions. If the pointer is still centered in the window, proceed with reassembly. Otherwise, loosen the mounting bolt and repeat the procedures above.

Although this bulletin outlines the procedures for installing and setting up the timing belt tensioner, always verify all manufacturer recommended procedures and torque speci cations as they are subject to change.


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