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The Right Oil for Your Vehicle

As with many areas of the automotive industry the world of engine oils continues to become increasingly more complicated with the appearance of more and more unique manufacturer specifications and a resulting shift away from commodity products towards manufacturer specific oils. This bulletin shows you how this can be made easier and also reduce the risk of potentially expensive damage to your vehicle.


Why is oil so important? 

Oil plays a vital role within an engine, as it performs three key functions: it reduces metal to metal friction (engine lubrication), provides a degree of cooling (engine cooling) and provides engine cleaning (with the use of detergents, dispersant and other additives). When the incorrect oil is used or the oil is not changed at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals or the amount of oil is not checked regularly between service intervals, it can lead to significant and costly engine damage.

Can using the wrong oil affect a warranty?

Yes. Engine oil is an integral part of the specification when manufacturers are designing engines. Engine testing carried out by the manufacturer identifies the right oil properties which are then converted into a code (specification). The right oil should always be used during the vehicle’s life cycle, however this becomes even more critical during the warranty period. Using the wrong oil can invalidate a warranty.

How do I select the correct oil for my vehicle?

The easiest way is to use one of our application tools. We would always recommend the use of our online application guide, where you can select your vehicle using the VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) or by using the make and model search. Our data is also available through various electronic cataloguing systems or you can also use the printed Comma Application Guide if you do not have access to any of these systems. All our recommendations are based on data provided by the manufacturers and come with a 100% compatibility guarantee which can be found on the website or the front of our printed application guide. Visit

Why is it important to determine the correct oil?

The time when a single grade of engine would cover almost the entire vehicle parc in now a thing of the past! Choosing the right engine oil has become more complicated due to engines becoming more complicated, fundamentally because of increasingly demanding environmental legislation. To meet the requirements, as well as changes in design and materials, vehicle manufacturers have to resort to things like EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), exhaust after treatment systems and turbochargers to meet these demanding emissions regulations. The result is a shift towards OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specific products. In conclusion, modern engines require manufacturer specific engines oils.

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