How to Read a Micro-V Belt PK Number – A Technical Tip from Gates

The two part numbers seen on the image below come on every belt sleeve. These numbers give important data with regards to the “effective” length of the belt. The effective length is a measurement of the entire length
of the Micro-V but it is measured at the cord line versus the outside circumference of the belt. Thus, producing a more accurate measurement, and allowing proper fitment between pulleys on the accessory belt drive system.


What is a “PK” number?

A “PK” number is a worldwide standard metric belt measurement printed on most micro-v belts.

How can this “PK” number help me?

When you need to find a replacement belt, the PK number has all of the information you need.

How do I read a “PK” number?

The PK number is broken down into three pieces of information:

  • Number of ribs on the belt
  • Belt application information
  • Effective length of the belt expressed in millimeters

For example: 6PK2895
6 – The 6 indicates the number of ribs on the belt. A six rib belt would start 6PK, a five rib belt 5PK and so on.

PK – PK indicates that this is an automotive micro-v belt measurement in millimeters.

2895 – The 2895 is the effective length of the belt expressed in millimeters.

Note: The effective length is NOT the same as the outside circumference! Crossing a PK number to an outside circumference measurement will yield unsatisfactory results including the possibility of damaged components.

To avoid costly comebacks and potential warranty issues, it is a best business practice to use a belt that is within +/- 3mm of the original belt if an OE interchange is not available.

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