Directional Brake Pads – Apec Technical Bulletin

With the constant demand for improvement in all aspects of performance, vehicle manufacturers have designed brake pads for numerous applications that must be mounted directionally. Apec follow suit and offer pads that match the OE, in line with specification and performance. The main reason for directional brake pads is to eliminate noise.
NB: Failure to fit the pads correctly could result in noise and poor performance.
If there is an arrow present on the back of the pad, then it should always face in the direction of disc rotation. If no arrow is present, then please observe the following scenarios.


If one chamfer is present, it should oppose disc rotation. If two

chamfers are present, then the large chamfer should oppose disc rotation.


Crescent or Half-moon:

The crescent or half-moon should oppose disc rotation.


For more information on Directional Pads, please refer to the full article on Apec’s Website.Apec Large Logo Further

information on this or any other issue can be obtained from the Apec Trade Helpline 01454 285054


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