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MANN+HUMMEL tests filter for the reduction of fine dust pollution caused by vehicles

MANN+HUMMEL tests filter for the reduction of fine dust pollution caused by vehicles

Ludwigsburg, August 14, 2017. High dust pollution and the associated risks to health are noted with anxiety by those living in cities. Even though politicians have since spoken out against driving bans in the city, based on recent legal rulings such bans remain a possibility. The filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL from Ludwigsburg has recognized the importance of this subject and in the course of its R&D activities in this area has today started field tests with a test vehicle.

The filtration experts from MANN+HUMMEL equip the vehicle with three applications, that shall help to reduce fine dust pollution. A filter installed on the roof separates particulate matter from the ambient air. Vehicle occupants are protected by an innovative cabin air filter. Furthermore a newly developed brake dust particle filter will prevent particles from entering the environment. The catchy design of the car as a fine dust eater makes the car hard to overlook while its test drives in the region of Stuttgart.

The fine dust particle filter installed on the roof of the car separates particulate matter from the ambient air. Through its low flow resistance, the fitted filter element enables an excellent air throughput and a simultaneously high separation efficiency. Computer simulations have shown that the particulate emissions resulting from fuel combustion could be fully offset by using a fine dust particle filter. MANN+HUMMEL will check the encouraging results from the simulation in a field test and investigate the separation of particulates from the air under real driving conditions.

MANN+HUMMEL has already developed solutions to protect vehicle occupants. The test vehicle is also fitted with a newly developed cabin filter. The activated carbon mix used in the filter enables a very high separation efficiency for toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other harmful gases. The innovative coating of the filter reliably binds high volumes of ammonia while ultra-fine nanofibers in the inside of the filter provide excellent protection against particulates and pollen.

Next MANN+HUMMEL will equip the vehicle with a newly developed brake dust particle filter. The robust housing of the filter fits closely to the brake caliper enabling the filter to capture brake dust particles at the source before they escape into the environment. This is particularly important as the amount of fine dust caused by braking in city traffic is probably more than that caused by exhaust emissions. While today’s modern brake pads are chemically much more environmentally friendly than in the past, more than 90% of brake dust also consists of fine particles which can still have a negative effect on human health. The new brake dust particle filter can be applied on all types of vehicle disc braking systems for automotive or non-automotive applications, whether for electric vehicles, hybrids or conventional gasoline and diesel vehicles.

According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), every year roughly 47,000 people in Germany die from the effects of particulates. In the meantime the city of Stuttgart is known in the region for its fine dust alarm. While in 2016 the fine dust alarm was proclaimed for 59 days, in 2017 the fine dust alarm in the state capital had already been proclaimed in the months from January to April on 48 days. Also outside of the fine dust alarm periods, i.e. in the summer months, the legally permissible limits for particulates in the air are exceeded in isolated cases.

MANN+HUMMEL started working on this innovative project to reduce particulate levels as early as 2007 and in the project cooperates with external partners. The aim of the joint venture with other companies and start-ups is to be able to react quickly and with agility in an open and dynamic working environment in order together to develop solutions to complex problems. In the case of the particulate filter MANN+HUMMEL has been working with Albert Kamm, managing director of TEAM KAMM GmbH which is located in Aichwald in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The services provided by the TEAM KAMM GmbH company include expert services in the area of vehicle engineering and service.

MANN-FILTER: First place for the sixth time!

Alexandra von Lingen, Jörg Engels, Director Brand Management, responsible for the MANN-FILTER brand in the automotive aftermarket, with the”Best Brand” award in the filter category, Thomas Rosenberger, chief editor lastauto omnibus, FERNFAHRER (from left)

MANN-FILTER has once again been voted the best brand. During the annual survey of readers of the “trans aktuell”, “lastauto omnibus” and “FERNFAHRER” journals, MANN-FILTER again achieved first place for the sixth consecutive time in the filter category in 2017.

Ludwigsburg, June 22nd 2017 – Once again, MANN-FILTER has convinced: During the “Best Brands 2017” survey, more than 11 000 readers of the “trans aktuell”, “lastauto omnibus” and “FERNFAHRER” journals voted for their favorites from 27 categories such as transmission, tires or brakes. In the filter category, MANN-FILTER products received 49 percent of the votes. The vote for the “Best Brand” and for the “Best Commercial Vehicles” is organized by ETM-Verlag Stuttgart, a specialist publisher which issues all three magazines.

OEM quality in the independent aftermarket

The award was officially presented on the evening of June 21, 2017 in Ludwigsburg. Jörg Engels, who is responsible for the MANN-FILTER brand in the automotive aftermarket as Director Brand Management, is delighted by this token of the readers’ trust: “We would like to say a big thank you to the readers who voted for MANN-FILTER as the best brand. To receive this award for the sixth time in succession is a great confirmation of our successful work on the market. It demonstrates to us that, with the largest product range in 100% OEM quality and our comprehensive service offerings, we’re on track in the commercial vehicle segment as well.“

WAVELOCK – new spin-on filter system for oil and fuels

MANN+HUMMEL will present the WAVELOCK spin-on filter system at the 2017 Hanover trade fair. It can be used for the filtration of oil and fuels. The design of the head and spin-on filter offers numerous advantages such as defined untightening and tightening torque. This makes servicing and mounting particularly easy and safe.

At the 2017 ComVac trade fair in Hanover, MANN+HUMMEL, development partner and series supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries, will present WAVELOCK, a new spin-on filter system for oil and fuel filters as original equipment for compressors and combustion engines.

The filter system consists of a filter head and spin-on element. WAVELOCK combines proven technology with a new design of the interface between the head and spin-on filter. This enables clearly defined mounting and disassembly forces. The filter change can be easily and quickly made without the need for tools. In addition, the component cleanliness is considerably improved and the risk of a contamination of the fluid circulation system is reduced. The patent pending solution also prevents servicing errors and the use of filters with a lower quality.

The modular design of the system and different combination possibilities with MANN+HUMMEL filter media enable the system to be used as a main fuel filter, fuel prefilter or oil filter for different specifications and volume flow rates. Fuel filter sizes are available up to approx. 400 l/h and oil filter sizes are available up to approx. 55 l/min.

HU 721/4 x and HU 815/2 x Mounting Instructions

For oil filter housings without bevelled edge centre tubes

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.18.19

MANN-FILTER oil filter references HU 721/4 x and HU 815/2 x are fitted to a wide range of popular BMW applications.

The internal radial sealing mechanism of the above filter elements and housing centre tubes differ slightly from traditional OE cartridge oil filter designs. These housings feature bevel-less centre tubes that require a simple, angled technique to aid the mounting of the oil filter elements.

In order to ensure the correct sealing of both elements it is important to follow the mounting instructions outlined below. By following these steps the element will be mounted and sealed perfectly.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.19.23

PU 9003 z – The Ultra-Clean Fuel Filter

Fitted with a CCM (Component Cleanliness Management) Seal

Fuel efficiency is an important task for modern injection systems. As a result, it is necessary for fuel to be precisely dispensed in minute quantities. The injection nozzle diameter must be extremely small to meet increasingly demanding requirements.

To protect the sensitive components of the fuel-injection system, vehicle manufacturers set strict specifications regarding the cleanliness of all parts within the fuel system. In addition to protecting the fuel-injection equipment against harmful contaminants, the filter itself needs to be very clean.

The production process and the finished filter are required to meet the highest cleanliness standards. At the MANN+HUMMEL manufacturing plant at Marklkofen there is an ultra-modern clean room designed for this purpose. To keep the filters clean in transit, an adhesive seal is affixed to the clean side of MANN_FILTER PU 9003 z. The seal needs to be removed shortly before installation to prevent contamination.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.14.39

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.15.16

MANN-FILTER Fuel Filters: PU 8006, PU 8021 and PU 8014

New Recommendations for Volkswagen Applications

Alternative OE installation

On some Volkswagen 2.0 TDi applications, the original equipment fuel filter housings are sourced from two different suppliers. The OE housing supplied by MANN+HUMMEL is delivered complete with the fuel filter element MANN-FILTER PU 8006, which was also initially available as the MANN-FILTER Aftermarket part.

MANN-FILTER – one for all
In order to deliver a MANN-FILTER product suitable for installation into both of the fuel filter housings sourced by Volkswagen, MANN-FILTER PU 8021 now replaces PU 8006 as the recommended Aftermarket part. Although PU 8021 differs dimensionally from PU 8006 and the alternative supplier’s OE and Aftermarket filter elements, all OE filtration performance requirements are met.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.09.14

Water drain option?

A fuel filter housing featuring a water drain device may also be installed on some Volkswagen 2.0 TDi models. This housing type takes a different filter element – MANN-FILTER PU 8014. Therefore it is necessary to differentiate between fuel filter housing types to ensure the correct filter element is supplied and subsequently fitted. The water drain device is clearly visible adjacent to the inlet and outlet pipes at the top of the housing (see image).Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.06.45

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 16.09.41


MAN-UP! – To Air Pollution! with FreciousPlus Cabin Air Filters

The recent toxic air alert, issued in January 2017 for eight London boroughs warned of a public health emergency and a seemingly worsening UK air quality scenario.

In view of the latest toxic air quality alert, MANN-FILTER believe the Aftermarket Industry can play an important role by helping to improve the purity of vehicle interior air. The latest ‘red’ air warning was issued as a cloud of pollution contributed towards the breaching of London’s annual legal Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) air pollution limit just five days into 2017. The recent breaches prompted campaigners to step up calls to ban diesel vehicles from the capital’s streets, as the toxic gas has been linked to thousands of premature deaths and cases of respiratory disease.

On a more positive note however, the levels of contaminant protection offered by cabin air filters has taken another step forward, thanks to the continuous development of highly efficient filter media by global automotive filtration market leader MANN+HUMMEL.. Recently launched MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus cabin air filters, have an additional biofunctional media layer containing natural polyphenol, designed to trap allergens. A further antimicrobial coating starves bacteria and moulds of the nutrition required for their survival.

Aftermarket businesses, garages in particular, have the opportunity to ensure that vehicle drivers and their passengers benefit from this readily available technology by replacing cabin air filters every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 15.58.29

Air Filter Fitment Tips

VW Golf and Polo 1.2 & 1.4L models; How to change the air filter

The MANN+HUMMEL produced OE air filter housing for 1.2L and 1.4L VW Golf and Polo models contains the MANN-FILTER air filter C 27 009. The air filter housing features an innovative radial seal and hidden screws that are inserted through the filter element itself. Replacement of the filter can be carried out by using the following steps:

1. The upper part of the housing is fastened to the lower part by four clips (a) and two screws (b).

2. Filter element C 27 009 can then be changed as follows: 2

a) Remove the hose (2) for the crankcase.

b) Pull up the whole housing (1) to remove it from the ball pins.

c) Release the hose clips (3) and (4) and pull out the air hoses.

d) The housing (1) can now be completely disassembled. To open the housing, release the four clips and loosen the two screws between the upper and lower parts of the housing.

Housing – view from below

e) Carefully remove the used filter, and replace with a new C 27 009, ensuring the filter is properly located in the housing.

f) Reverse the procedure above to reassemble.

3. Make sure you also observe the maintenance instructions of the VM. The sealing integrity of C 27 009 inside the housing is achieved by the OE approved radial seal design. The sealing contour ensures optimum sealing, preventing contaminant bypassing the seal and entering the engine.