Audi & Volkswagen Timing Belt Drive Service Information – A Technical Tip from Gates

Audi and Volkswagen Service Information 

Due to durability issues with the original OE synchronous drive system, the manufacturer has reengineered the drive to achieve a more reliable setup that provides worry free performance. Refitting the synchronous drive with the reengineered component is the recommended service procedure for these vehicles. Gates Timing Component Kits and Timing Component Kits with Water Pump offer the reengineered parts necessary to do the complete job, including the redesigned hydraulic strut tensioner (TCK317 + TCKWP317).

Please be aware that the updated drive system design requires a different timing belt. Those vehicles equipped with the old design will have a 152 tooth timing belt (T291). The updated design makes use of a 153 tooth belt (T317). This 153 tooth belt combined with the components contained in a Gates timing component kit will set the drive in the current OE approved configuration.

The OE system that is no longer available from the manufacturer is illustrated in Fig #1. The updated system, contained in Gates TCK317 and TCKWP317, which includes the redesigned hydraulic actuator (Gates T43066), tensioning roller (Gates T43065) and 153 Tooth timing belt (Gates T317) is illustrated in FIG #2.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-15-19-53Please note if you are removing a system that has been updated, there could be a difference in the spacer that is included with the pulley. The one that is included in the TCK317 kit has a 6mm thick spacer; the other which is only available from the OE is 3mm thick. These are not interchangeable on the drive. Incorrect distance will cause premature belt and drive system failure.

Always double check the component you are removing. You may encounter a difference in spacer thickness of the tensioner pulley. If the spacer currently on the vehicle is 3mm, then it will need to be obtained from the OE. If the spacer is 6mm it will be supplied in the Gates TCK317 or TCKWP317. This will guarantee proper system alignment.













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